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Professional Diploma In Public Relations and Event Management

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The Public Relations (PR) industry is generally tasked to assist their clients—such as commercial organizations, cause based non-profit, non-governmental organizations, or famous personalities–in creating positive relationship with their many publics—such as their customers, investors, supporters/fans, government agencies, etc. A major part of creating and maintaining the positive
relationship between the PR clients and the publics is in successful execution of events—that could be a press/media conference, a marketing or promotional campaign, etc. Event management focuses on the concepts, steps and techniques undertaken for the successful organization and execution of an event. The programme offers knowledge on the various aspects of event management including conceptualizing or creating a theme for the event, planning, timing the event for maximum impact, budgeting, equipping with the necessary facilities and technologies, identifying the target audience, etc. The overall objective of this PR & Event Management Programme is to provide a structured approach that integrates PR essentials to event management for a successful promotion of the event as well as the image of the organization sponsoring the event for a positive
relationship with its many publics.

Diploma : 6 Months / 380 Guided Learning Hours


This programme is tailormade to students who are keen to work in the Event Organizing industry who did
not meet the minimum requirement to enter undergraduate programme in colleges. Professional
Diploma in Public Relations and Event Management is designed to develop your knowledge, skills and
competencies required to succeed in the Event industry.


  • Event Communications
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Event Operations, Execution and Coordination
  • Public Relations and Media Relations
  • Public Speaking and PR Writing
  • Social Media and New Software Tools for PR


The target candidates for this Professional Diploma in Public Relations and Event Management are :

  • Someone who has the passion in event / media industry
  • PT3 / SPM / Working Adult
  • Anyone who is starting a job hunt or wishes to change their career to event industry

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